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We welcome you to Ocean Splash.

We have designed our wellness centre as a FULL BODY DETOX through the use of preventative therapy.

Detox your lymphatic and cardio vascular system with our Dr Mazur Vitality Tonics and therapeutic hydrotherapy baths. Free your Mind with Meditation.

Raise your energy with our Yoga classes. Clear your Lungs with our Salt Cave.

Detox your organs with our Infrared Sauna. Rejuvenate your skin with our JetPeel system. Revolutionize your body with our weight management programs.

Feel the joy of life with our dance and sculpt your muscles with aerobics classes.

We would love to see you.

Ocean Splash is your very own destination for stress relief and self-renewal.

We’re here to enhance your well-being through world-class amenities, expert service and beneficial treatments that will enhance your health, wellness, beauty and balance.

Whether you come to the spa to ensure that you always look your very best, or your visit is more about stress relief and survival in a busy world, Ocean Splash is an ideal place to spend a few hours for self renewal.

We have carefully searched and selected only the highest quality products for all of our services. Some of these are available for your purchase for home use. These products offer you the best results and prolong the benefits of the services you received at Ocean Splash. Our specialists will be delighted to advise you on products that are best for you personally. We also carry bath and body products, hair & body care accessories as well as a range of wellness supplements.

We offer an unconditional guarantee for each and every one of our unique services, treatments and any retail products. Our artists and technicians have received the very best training in the industry. They are continually updating their knowledge and expertise from industry experts. We provide a world class experience to absolutely every guest. We are truly dedicated to making an absolute difference in our guest’s life, not only during their visit but also at home. We strive to provide you with a transcendent experience that fulfills a sensation of bliss, education and a connection with your inner energy of life and the essence of the universe.

Community - We are supporters of Doctors Without Borders. We believe that giving back is not only necessary but vital for the survival and growth of a persons well being, mentality and soul. Doctors Without Borders provides medical care to places where it is urgently needed . We donate on a regular basis as well as try to spread their message. They have been one of the more consistently top rated charities .


Built Healthy - We have designed our facility to be healthy from the inside out. We have used specialized re-purposed cotton insulation and hospital grade drywall that is designed to prevent mould. All paints and sealants were certified to contain zero VOC or formaldehyde which is common in general construction materials and practices. In our salt cave we built a Faraday cage sealed with carbon YShield paint and grounded to our copper pipes to block electromagnetic fields which you can measure with our 3 axis EMF meter.

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