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Ajooni Singh

Ajooni has been attending Hatha and Kundalini Yoga classes for the last 15 years.  He fell in love with Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan and that has been the focus of his practice.  For him, Kundalini Yoga had been truly life-changing.  Yogi Bhajan called it the Yoga of Awareness and this has certainly resonated with Ajooni.  The practitioner finds an inner strength that had never been previously awakened.


Ajooni took the Kundalini Teacher Training program at Bliss 5 years ago, when it was led by Gurutej Kaur from Los Angeles.   As a Kundalini Research Institute registered Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Ajooni has been teaching since the completion of his training.


Ajooni is a multi-lingual former teacher and school principal.  He has also traveled extensively including several trips to India.


Ajooni teaches with compassion and sensitivity and provides sets that challenge the participant physically and mentally and yet are accessible to anyone regardless of physical abilities.  Often we limit ourselves and don’t recognize our true potential.


Ajooni has a passion for Kundalini Yoga and is ready to share this dynamic, energizing life-changing technology.

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