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Revitalization Hydrotherapy Baths and Showers



This concentrated cleansing treatment activates with the heat of a warm bath releasing the invigorating, aromatic virtues of pine and natural oils to rejuvenate the cells, tissues and detox the organs. Using our state of the art SpaJet capsule with 32 jets, Infrared Heat/Dry Heat, Steam, Chromotherapy, Vichy/Scottish/Tropical Rain Showers, Vibratory Bed for Lymph Drainage, Foot Massage, Face Air, salt exfoliation, body and head massage.

Please note pricing varies depending on the combination of services used.

"The aging of the human body is known to be a physiological and inevitable aging process in people but in different ways. Some age fast, while others age slowly. It is possible to influence the speed of this process, at the very least we can slow it down. Medicine has long known certain truths concerning the deceleration of human aging. Revitalization Baths rejuvenate the cells, tissues and detox the organs."


Dr Oleg Mazur

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