Botox in Celebrity face-off with 'invisible' therapies like JetPeel

Sydney Morning Herald 'No trace'' treatments are getting a lift as people reject the frozen look. BOTOX has been dubbed the modern fountain of youth, but a growing number of women and men are ditching the face-freezing injections for so-called ''nocedure'' or ''no trace'' anti-ageing treatments that promise to wind back the clock without the telltale signs. The Botox backlash is being led by celebrities including Teri Hatcher, Anjelica Huston and Dannii Minogue, who are turning their backs on the Hollywood look of frozen foreheads and ''trout pouts'' for a ''more natural'' look. Botox smoothes wrinkles by paralysing certain facial muscles. Late last year Minogue joined the growing anti-Botox

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