How to book your service.

1.To the right of the service that you want, click on "Book It".
2. You will be taken to a calendar page. Select the date you would like to book.
3. Select the time slot you would like to book and click "Next".
4. Fill out your name and email then click "Book It".
5. You will receive a "Great, You’re Booked!"  confirmation and an email for services that don't need a deposit.

For items that require a deposit you will be redirected to the PayPal website.

That's it! Have an amazing day!

If you are bringing a friend or family member just let us know in the notes section and provide their email address.

To combine various services please book them one by one or email/call us.

For same day appointments please call 289 837 0369 to check availability, the booking system only shows appointments 12 hours in advance. 

Prices include HST. A deposit is paid for the cost of the service and the HST portion is paid in person.