Meditation with Melinda Forster:

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Need help coping with anxiety, stress, and a busy schedule? Would

you like better sleep, lower blood pressure, and more balance in your


Through the regular practice of meditation, these things and more

are possible. In this class, various physical and mental exercises are

taught to strengthen the spine, improve breathing, and induce deep

relaxation. Guided relaxations and meditations based on Eastern and

Western teachings bring awareness to your thought patterns, and

calm the mind.


Melinda Forster has been a student and a certified teacher of

meditation, Tai Chi, and Qigong (Chi Kung) for over 20 years. She

has studied with Masters from India and China, and trained with Ilse

Gordon, a well-respected Oakville master teacher for over 40 years.

This class is suitable for those beginning and for those more

experienced in meditation who want the benefits of more life



Some signs and symptoms of inner peace include the unmistakable

ability to enjoy each moment, a loss of interest in worrying (a very

serious symptom!), overwhelming episodes of appreciation, and

frequent attacks of smiling. If this sounds good to you, join us on

Wednesday evenings at 7:30, starting on March 1st.