Tina Robinson, BScHE

Empath & Owner of

Mindful Intentions Energy Healing











Early 2010, I opened my intuitive energy healing practice to begin offering those-in-need a guiding light in re-uniting clients with their innermost purest sense of self. As an Empath, being able to tune-in, receive and understand one’s mental, emotional and physical energies has served as a fundamental element in positively supporting my clients' healing and achieving transformative results in my private practice. 

​As my life continues to be on a journey of understanding the vastness of our true nature, my undying passion will be forever connected to soulful living. The human experiential process is 'very' powerful energetically and can have profound affects on your path in life. Living a life of unsettledness is NOT necessary .. understanding your truth IS. 
You are MORE than you know, Namaste.


​To schedule an appointment, please visit Tina’s website www.mindfulintentions.ca or email her at info@mindfulintentions.ca

"My intuitive & healing abilities are very real & pure and will offer life-changing experiences to those who are open and willing to engage from within."

Healing .. is Evolving

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