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Disclaimer: The above video is for informational purpose only.

Dr Hyman is an acclaimed Functional Medicine Doctor.

He is not associated with our clinic.

Optimal Wellness​


We all know the difference when we feel ok and when we feel AMAZING. Our Optimal Wellness program aims to achieve perfection. Its a treatment program that is custom tailored for you and ONLY YOU!

We start with a Full Blood Lab Test (we test all hormones, adrenal, & thyroid/reverse T3) to determine your nutritional, hormonal, adrenal, custom thyroid,  

weight loss and even the genetic state of your body.

The results are fully explained to you by our Nurse Practitioner - BHRT specialist.


Depending on your blood test results, health hormone assessment and needs the Nurse Practitioner will recommend a program based on dietary intake, exercise regiments, supplements, custom compounded BHRT/Bio-identical Hormone prescriptions  and other modalities to reach your closest state of perfection.  We believe in optimum health and we settle for nothing less!

Note:  These services are not covered by OHIP as we are a private fee clinic. The blood tests, where applicable are covered by OHIP.

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