Soul: All Nutrition stems from Seeds, every vegetable, fruit, herb and plant. Then it’s no surprise that science has found that Cold Pressed Seeds are the most concentrated form of nutrition in nature. Soul Cold Pressed Seed Food Nutrition is very essential for the body, just like water. SOUL alone can go a long way to help you feel better when it comes to almost all health issues.


Core: The healthier a person is, the less money they spend on medical bills. Ushered in after Soul – Core is the second product to be introduced by Rain International. It contains the nutrition of high-quality greens and dense seed blends, all in a 1-ounce packet. Core has gained a clinical reputation for improving health functions and works together with Soul to provide what your body needs.


Bend: With the help of our Scientific Advisory Board, we have designed a powerful, seed-basedproduct that supports healthy joints and cartilage.Our approach to supporting your joints and cartilage is different: we allow nature to workwith your body in concentrated ways. By handpicking ingredients that have been backed byscience and time, and combining them in revolutionary ways, we have redefined flexibilitywith our creation.




Rain Soul, Core and Bend Package

C$400.00 Regular Price
C$350.00Sale Price
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