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The Power of Positivity

“This study showed conclusively that heart coherence could affect saliva and increase crystal structure and order. We know from 20 years of research at HeartMath that heart coherence has many positive health benefits, including helping to reduce stress and improve cognitive function.”

-HeartMath Institute

The “power of positivity” is no joke. Studies are emerging every single year in multiple fields of science, and have been for decades. The science of consciousness, also known as “non-material science” is now more popular than ever. Despite all of the empirical evidence that’s emerged, in the form of an UN-countable amount of reviewed studies, professionals in the field, although well aware, are still reluctant to discuss this type of thing openly. But not all of them.

If you need help with meditation we have meditation calsses and our yoga classes contain a meditation portion as well.

Tomorrow's yoga classes will focus on a "Complete Workout for the Total Self". It is an energetic set that moves your muscles, nerves and stimulates your glands to give you good health. It will also create a strong vibration for the mind. And of course as always inner peace and stress relief through meditation. I personally have had great results for my back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms through our yoga class. Tomorrows

Please also note Mondays class on October 9th is canceled due to the Thanks Giving Holiday.

Rain is a one of kind whole food supplement made from seeds that combines vitamins, nutrients, omega oils and antioxidants all in a convenient daily package that provides your body what it needs to perform at its peak and optimal level.

Soul contains 10 servings of fruits, 10 servings of vegetables and 3 servings of healthy fatty acids.

Below is a video showing Rains effect on your blood within 15 minutes.

You can try a sample at our Ocean Splash retail store. You can order it through our website by clicking this text.

Have an amazing weekend!

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