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Top 8 Best Tips on How To Find the Fountain of Youth

Fountain of Youth

Recently people have been asking me how to stay young and what is the "secret". Well I don't have a secret fountain of youth in my back yard but there are key things well known scientifically to ward off the onset of aging. In no particular order.


You are what you eat. Avoid animal products and processed foods.

Inflammation is the cause of almost all disease. And diet is the cause of most inflammation. Stick to a raw food diet as much as possible. If you don't have time use a good raw food supplement. We sell Rain Nutritional Supplements based on natural seeds.

2.Low Stress Lifestyle

Ask your doctor, stress is the biggest silent killer. Try Yoga/Meditation. It has been well documented in medical research for decades that yoga and meditation, two practices related to mindfulness, are considered a means of activating the body’s natural mechanisms for managing stress.


Muscles and the brain degrade rapidly when not used. Commit to a daily Walk. Or try a sauna. Recent studies have shown saunas can decrease mortality by as much as 40% and loose weight up to 4% body mass in a few months.


Life without purpose is a life not worth living. Learn to follow your heart and intuition. This is a life long learning curve, trust the process! From my research the key points to take away from almost all religions is to help others to help yourself grow. Another key factor is get in touch with your inner child and nature.


Sense of belonging is encoded in your DNA. Hug a family member/friend. Research Blue Zones.