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I’m Preet, a certified Somatic Breathwork

Facilitator.  I am honoured to guide and support you on a self-healing journey that utilizes potent breathing techniques rooted in ancient wisdom traditions that understood mental and emotional blocks you may be facing in life are stored in the body.  


The breathwork techniques I guide you through will allow access to these blocks deep in the body in order to release unprocessed emotions, trauma and stress, so that you can be energized and uplifted, feeling higher levels of clarity, inner peace, inspiration and growth.


The breathwork journey is deeply healing as it:


  • Rebalances your nervous system 

  • Brings you back in alignment 

  • Releases dense, stagnant energy

  • Shifts you to a higher vibration state

  • Brings you closer to your inner wisdom and knowing 


All with the medicine of your own breath, in a safe, nurturing and compassionate space to allow whatever needs

to surface and release, that no longer serves.  


Note - depending on the nature of the blocks you may be facing, healing often looks like an onion, with layers being peeled back, uncovering more layers of what may be holding you back from living a life you deeply love, revere and feel in flow and ease with.  Self healing is a process, a journey.  Each somatic breathwork journey is unique, bringing its own transformation to serve you in what you need most in the present moment.  Come with a curious mind and open heart. 


A little more about me:


I have always been drawn to guiding and healing, beginning my career as a Social Worker, and later in life as a Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Reiki Practitioner and now as a Somatic Breathwork

Facilitator.  I adore reading, stargazing and travel adventures - experiences that cultivate the delicious feelings of curiosity, wonder and awe. I am blessed with two lovely and lively daughters, in a loving marriage and  surrounded by a circle of beautiful beings.  


I am grateful to share Somatic Breathwork, the catalyst for my own healing, growth and expansion.  I am honoured to support and guide you to your own inner wisdom and self-healing. 


I deeply believe we are all self-healers, with the power and courage to transform our lives.  To step into the best version of self, easing into alignment, connection and inspiration.


Sat Naam

You can book a private one on one session.

Bring your friends or clients and make your own group for a private sessions of up to 11 people ($250+tax).

Or try a group session every Wednesday at 6pm.

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