Need Serenity, Peace & Calm?

Get away from it all with a mini retreat.


Private Spa Party


Getaway/Business Meet


Spa Parties are available for 1-6 People

And are customezied. For example,


Our Private 3 Person Spa Party Includes:

-One person Hydrotherapy Bath session

-Two person Sauna session

-Three person Salt Cave session

-Three person Facial Mask

-Three person Facial Massage

-Three person Meditation Anti Gravity swing hammock session.

-Fruit or Veggie Platter and Tea

Hello My name is Natalia.
My goal is to provide you with:

Emotional and Physical Stress Relief.

I've recently had a client who at the end of our private spa party

became emotional and started crying.

Thankfully it was for positive reasons and because she was able to

relieve her stress and emotions through her experience here with

our private spa party.

But more importantly she was able to make time for her to heal

herself. Oftentimes as women we put everyone else in our family

first and leave our emotional, mental and physical state last.

You have to Make time for you, to heal yourself,

No one else will do it for you.

What Can I expect?

You start off with a relaxing hydrotherapy magnesium

(a muscle relaxer) bath treatment while your family or friends melt stress (and body fat) away in the sauna. You all meet up in the salt cave room to cool off in a relaxing salt cave session with a facial mask & facial massage.  Followed by an Anti Gravity Hammock Meditation session where we help you clear your head and thoughts to wind down and relax. After that some warm conversation by the fireplace with your friends and family over some fruits, veggies, tea and honey  to wrap it all up. 


All this for the price of a restaurant gathering without the hangover and bloated feeling next day.


You can spend a few hours enjoying your self, relaxing with the pleasure of your friends and family's company while taking care of your body and giving your self the gift of wellness or take over the spa for the day to pamper yourself, family and friends.


For parties bigger than three people please contact us

for details and pricing.

We also have solo & couples packages.


Still Have Questions? We're here to serve.

Email us at:

Want to talk to us in person? Give us a call.

Tel: 289 837 0369

Book Early to lock in your special day! Weekends get booked fast.

FAQ: How much does a party cost?

A: All parties are custom priced but we try to keep the price to $150-200 per person.

FAQ: What are your hours?

A: We are by appointment and are available everyday of the week except Tuesdays.

FAQ: Where are you located?

A: 1525 Cornwall Rd Oakville ON Unit 2. There is a map at the bottom of this page.

FAQ: How do I book my party?

A: Give us a call, email or fill out the form below. Let us know the date and how many people are attending.

Want more info. Get in touch.
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